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Dogs, the same as us humans can be stressed out and suffer from anxiety and stress. Just as we can find ways to relax, including homeopathy and relaxation techniques, so can we help our pets. Therefore, with this in mind here are 3 essential oils for anxiety in dogs that you might want to consider if you want a more holistic approach to soothing your dog.

Your pet has to put up with a lot and they can get anxious from time to time. Fireworks, storms, loud noises, strange people and more can bring on anxiety. On the other hand some dogs are nervous the majority of time, it is just in their nature.

One way of helping man’s best friend is by using essential oils for anxiety in dogs. Just as oils can help to soothe and settle your nerves, the same applies to your dog. So let us look at five of the best oils you should have in your cupboard.

Using Essential Oil Natural Remedies for Dogs Anxiety

With just a few bottles of essential oils in your cupboard, you can make natural remedies for dogs anxiety in seconds. You can use these alongside holistic anxiety supplements to give your dog a release from the symptoms associated with stress.

If you are serious about using essential oils for anxiety for dogs you might want to check out this excellent book. It offers plenty of advice about treating your dog yourself with oils and herbs.

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While you might not immediately think about essential oils in relation to your pets, when used correctly they are safe and of course, they are natural.

To use the oils correctly you should always dilute the essential oils in what is known as carrier oil.

Typical carrier oils include Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond and Rosehip.

You can use one of the above carrier oils to dilute your choice of essential oil before using it on your dog.

How to use Essential Oils for Dogs

So, how do you use essential oils for anxiety in dogs? Well, there are different ways actually.

essential oils for dogs anxietyBefore you use the oil it is a good idea to let your pet have a good sniff at the bottle. If your dog has a strong reaction to the smell then you might want to leave well alone and look into another choice of oil. You don’t want to stress him or her out even more.

Likewise, if your dog starts whining, panting or rubbing their face on the ground you should not use that oil.

To use the oils you can:

  • Use them as direct inhalation;
  • Diffuse the oils in a diffuser;
  • Put the oils into a spray bottle and mist the air around your dog;
  • Use the oils to massage your dog, use them in a bath, or compress.

Bear in mind that many people use essential oils in the same way for themselves to ease stress and anxiety and your dog will enjoy it too.

Essential Oils for Your Dog for General Anxiety

If your dog suffers from general anxiety, you might want to the following mixture.

Just click on the links on the names above to purchase high-quality essential oils.

Oils for Anxiety Associated with Sound

For any anxiety that is associated with sound, you can try the following mix of oils.

The above oils work well for inhalation during a bout of anxiety and by diffusion before or after the event sparking anxiety.

Great Remedy for Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets anxious when left alone you might want to try this blend of essential oils for anxiety in dogs by diffusing it and leaving the diffuser on while you are out.


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