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3 Great Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

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You know yourself how bad you feel if suffering from an ear infection, well your dog can feel the same way. Here we are taking a look at great home remedies for dog ear infections that are all natural. Yes, you can ease your pets suffering and you do not have to pay expensive pet bills.

Your dog might have an ear infection if you see it scratching its ears or it whines and shakes its head. You might see fluid or pus in the ear of your pet and it can be smelly. These are all signs that your dog has an ear infection. It can be surprising but ear problems are one of the top reasons why people take their dog to the vet. However, you can deal with it at home by looking into a home remedy for dog ear infections.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies

home remedies for dog ear infectionsSo, let’s move on to dog ear infection home remedies that you might want to take a look into to help your pet.


Chamomile has relaxing properties and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, sedative, antiseptic and analgesic.

All of these qualities make it an excellent choice for soothing ear infections in your dog. More so if your pet has been scratching its ears or rubbing them on the carpets of your home.

The best way to treat your pet with Chamomile is to make a tea and allow it to cool. Once cooled you can put a few drops of it in the ear of your dog. Not only will it soothe it will also help to calm down your dog and help it sleep.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel makes a great astringent and it can help with swelling in the ear canal. It is also known for its abilities to help heal pain and is a great remedy to have in the home if your dog likes to go in the water a lot and swim.

To use Witch Hazel just put a few drops of the solution in the ear of your dog and rub gently to massage it in. However, do not use if your dog has sores or cuts inside the ear as it will cause pain.

Calendula Tincture

Finally, when considering great home remedies for dog ear infections you might want to check out Calendula Tincture.

Just add between 5 and 10 drops to a cup of lukewarm water and then stir. Then use a dropper to place the mixture into the ear of your dog.

Any of the above can be used successfully as dog ear infection remedies to treat your best friend at home without the need for a visit to the vet. Of course, if the symptoms do not improve you may have to consider other treatment and in some cases a trip to the vets for antibiotics may be needed.

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