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Are you struggling with stress headaches, perhaps struck down by migraine and are looking for more natural remedies of headache than aspirin? If so, we can help you, as there are many homeopathic remedies for headache and migraine out there.

Yes, there are alternatives to consider helping ease the pain of headaches whether they are caused by stress and anxiety, a cold or flu, migraine or anything else.

The remedies we are going to talk about here help with a range of symptoms, not just headaches. For instance, you could have pain due to blocked sinuses or it may have been brought about due to anxiety. Well, herbal remedies can also help ease many of the symptoms of these and so help to do away with the headache associated with them.

Natural remedies for headache in general

Here we have some excellent products from Amazon that don’t break the bank and which can pay for themselves as they can help to get rid of any type of headache and really come into their own for stress related headaches.

Heated Eye Masks

natural remedies to headacheOne of the best ways to treat a headache and get immediate relief is to place a hot heating pad on your forehead.

Heating pads may be a simple idea but make a great solution for tension headaches associated with stress and you can feel the stress literally melt away.

We highly recommend the Arris Electric USB heated mask as it is quick to heat up and has five different heat settings. Place it over your eyes and feel your headache melt away. It is particularly good for headaches that include sinus pain as it covers the bridge of the nose, eyes and under the eyes.


Eye Massager

Another recommendation for stress related headaches is an eye massager. The Fronner Eye Massager would be our choice as it comes with heat, soothing vibrations and more.

The massager comes into its own if you regularly have headaches due to anxiety and stress and it can also help to ease migraines as it cuts out the light to the eyes.

It works via air pressure and comes with different modes; these include relaxing, energizing and sleeping.

We have tried this mask ourselves and we can tell you that it does what it says on the tin and is a great option as natural remedies of headache for most types of pain.

Head Relief Blend Oil

One of the homeopathic remedies for headache that you must have in your cupboard is the Head Relief Blend Essential Oil from Amazon.

This is a mix of essential oil blends and it is not only our choice of natural remedies for headache, it is also Amazons choice. It has an amazing smell that immediately makes you relax and the maker offers a full refund if you are not amazed by the effects it offers.


Acupressure is well known as being a superb natural remedy for headache and this is performed on the L14 acupressure natural remedies for headachepoint.

This Aculief Wearable acupressure clip makes it easy to get headache relief at anytime and anywhere.

While the device looks simple enough it actually does work and it is based on holistic medicine that has been relied upon for many thousands of years.

The clip is discreet as it is simply placed on the webbing between the thumb and finger where it presses on the L14 point.


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