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8 Most Common Homeopathic Remedies To Consider

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Are you considering alternative medicines? If you are, you might be interested in checking out our 8 most common homeopathic remedies. The holistic remedies we are going to talk about here can be used to treat many common ailments. Many of the remedies can be used to allieviate the symptoms of different illnesses so they are handy for keeping in the cupboard.

Recommended dosages for homeopathic remedies

When using homeopathy it is important to bear in mind that the medications should be taken with less is more in mind in 6th or 30th potency. As a rough guide if you are suffering from discomfort or pain that is minor, you may take the remedy three times per day. If you have discomfort that is severe, you might want to take the medication between every one to three hours. Of course, you can reduce this as the symptoms reduce.common homeopathic remedies

It goes without saying that if the pain or symptoms worsen or do not improve within 24 hours you might want to seek medical advice and the homeopathic remedy might not be the correct one.

It should also be mentioned that if treating yourself with herbal medication you should only do so for conditions that are considered none-threatening.

Some of the most common homeopathic remedies

There is a wide range of holistic medicines on the market. You can buy natural remedies for headache, stomach ache, any type of pain, earache, sore throat, to help stop period pain, morning sickness and much more. They can be purchased in bottles that can be used to mix more than one remedy. You can buy medication in easy to swallow tablet form and more.

Now let’s move on to take a look at some of the most common homeopathic remedies and why you might want to take them.

Allium cepa

This holistic remedy is made from onion. It is well-known that onions cause crying along with making your nose run. Due to this Allium cepa is a good choice of homeopathy remedy for those suffering from cold, flu or hay fever. It is good for nasal discharge that is watery and thin.


Arnica is known as mountain daisy and it is used frequently as a sports medicine and in first aid. It is great for those suffering from any trauma or shock that has come about due to suffering an injury. It is also known to reduce pain and it can help in speeding up the healing process.


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Chamomilla is chamomile is a great choice among homeopathic remedies for anyone who cannot sleep. Not only is it a good choice for adults, it also soothes restless babies and infants. It is also good for colic in babies and teething.


Hypericum is sold as St. John’s wort and is considered as an alternative medicine for nerve injuries, more so in the fingers, back and toes. It is also good for injuries that leave you with shooting pains.


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Ignatia is St. Ignatius bean and psychiatrists usually recommend this holistic remedy. It is a good choice for anxiety, acute grief and depression. It is also helpful if your hands tremble, you feel you have a lump in your throat or you sign frequently.

Magnesia Phosphorica

This herbal medicine is phosphate of magnesia and is a great choice of treatment for anyone who suffers from cramps. It is also good for period pain in women.


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Pulsatilla is called windflower and it is one of the most common of all homeopathic remedies for women and children. It is useful for people who are considered to be warm blooded and who prefer to be out in the open. People whose emotional state changes rapidly use it.

Rhus tox

Rhus tox is better known as poison ivy and it is one of the most common homeopathic remedies. It is recommended for people who have suffered from a strain or sprain. It is good for people who suffer pain when initially moving and which diminishes the more the person moves. The medication is also good for relieving the symptoms of flu or the pain of arthritis.




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