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Coronavirus Herbal Remedies Evaluated by Scientists

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While we are still waiting for a cure Coronavirus herbal remedies are being evaluated by scientists and researchers. They have discovered remedies that can help in the prevention and treatment of the disease in recent studies.

Many different remedies looked into

There is a huge range of herbal treatments on the market all readily available to purchase online. People have been using homeopathic remedies for many thousands of years for a variety of illnesses and symptoms.

With a cure for coronavirus still a long way off, researchers have looked into how many of these herbal medicines could help.

CBD oil – Cannabidiol

There has been, and still is, a lot of research into how CBD oil can help with a wide range of symptoms. This is one of the Coronavirus herbal remedies scientists have been looking into.

Studies have suggested that Cannabidiol, which is a compound of the cannabis plant, may help to avert destruction of the lungs in patients with Covid-19. The oil may also help mitigating pain associated with sickle cell disease.

Researchers found that CBD oil helped to reduce the cytokine storm along with excessive lung inflammation that is largely responsible for the death of many people suffering COVID-19.

Natural supplements

Researchers from the Imo States University, Owerri, looked into many potential plants that could be used in the management and treatment of Covid-19 in Nigeria.

The study looked into plant with bioactive compounds and showed some promising results as one of the potential Coronavirus herbal remedies that need more studies.

Nutritional supplements that might help to fight off covid-19 include:

All of these natural supplements could help to protect against viral infections and this includes Coronavirus.


There has also been studies into plants that have bioactive compounds and these have showed some promising results against fighting off coronaviruses.

Plants that are being studied include:

According to the researchers “Although inhibition of viral replication is seen as the possible mechanism for antiviral activity of most of the natural compounds, recent research has shown that some natural compounds can interact with major viral proteins associated with virulence. Thereby, showing they could be a valuable tool for possible inhibition, management and treatment of SARS-CoV-2. However, further research is required to investigate and validate their potential use as anti-SARS-CoV-2.”

Additional studies

Researchers have also developed a protocol for treatment and prevention of Coronavirus.

The University of Kinshasa undertook the study in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Researchers said “Based on our current knowledge of this virus and in the absence of a vaccine, this article is an attempt to propose ways to prevent, treat and control the COVID-19 virus, using medicinal plants. Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus), Cymbopogon citratus (lemongrass), Mentha, citrus lemon/medica (lemon/lime), Zingiber officinale (ginger), Syzygium aromaticum (cloves), which have been shown to be effective.”

MGC Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland are testing Coronavirus herbal remedies in patients suffering the illness by using an oral spray containing curcumin and artemisinin.

At the Nazareth Hospital EMMS in Israel, researchers are looking into the effects of Boswellia serrata and Vitamin C. The supplement will be tested on patients suffering from COVID-19 in the hospital.


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