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Homeopathic Medicine for Coronavirus prevention

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As Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world and no remedy is in sight it is becoming popular for people to turn to homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus prevention. However, there is no proof that alternative remedies do stop people from getting the disease it can help with mild symptoms and make people more comfortable.

Many homeopathy stores in Hyderabad have seen a huge increase in people heading to stores asking about remedies for COVID-19. Some people have even taken the opportunity to earn money by selling remedies said to be preventative.

Homeopathic medicine for coronavirus can help ease symptoms

Once again, there is no cure for coronavirus, but there are holistic medicines that can help to alleviate symptoms in people with mild cases.

“As the Unani and Ayurveda treatments have existed for centuries in India, I believe that alternative means have the power to prevent these types of viruses,” says Mohammed Wajahat, a retired government employee.

homeopathic medicine for coronavirus prevention

There has even been signs posted stating that there is prophylactic medicine for coronavirus. The remedy claims to be pills that can be taken daily for a course of three days to stop you from getting the illness. The sign even has the “Government of Telangana” on it, suggesting that it is government approved.

Hospital claims to have developed a natural remedy

The doctors at the Government Nizamia Tibbi Hospital claimed to have developed homeopathic medicine for coronavirus prevention.

As official who wanted to remain anonymous said “We have come up with the remedies that prevent and cures the Coronavirus. Although we are waiting for the government nod to sell this in mainstream markets.”

The Health Minister of Telangana was even pictured giving a dose of Arsenic Album medication in a photo opportunity.

This does seem to be misleading though as Arsenicum Album is not a new holistic medicine that has recently been developed and as you can see from above you can purchase this homeopathic remedy on Amazon.

Social media platforms in the country have seen an increase in claims that this holistic remedy can cure COVID-19.

If this were so, surely scientists and doctors around the world would have come to the same realization and not put many billions of dollars into developing a cure for coronavirus?

Arsenicum Album may be able to help people with mild cases of the illness but it is not going to stop anyone from getting it. Far more suitable preventative measures are the wearing of face masks, using hand-sanitizers and social distancing.


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