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Homeopathic Remedies Fit for the Queen

Jul 14, 2020

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If it’s good enough for the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth then it must be good for you. It seems that homeopathic remedies get approval from the royalty as when travelling abroad a small leather case travels with the Queen and it contains homeopathic medicines.

The leather case is a valuable part of the Queens luggage and rarely leaves the side of her aide. It is divided into 60 different compartments and aides ensure that it is always replenished.

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This case holds a huge supply of holistic remedies. This includes Arsenicum Album, a remedy known for curing food poisoning. Cocculus, a remedy for travel sickness. There is also Nux Vomica that can help with indigestion and Arnica for bruising and jet lag.

Queen approves homeopathic remediesThe Queen relies of all natural remedies as opposed to traditional prescription medications, considering it a duty to remain well when on overseas engagements. You can imagine the logistical nightmares that would ensue if the Queen were to fall ill during one of her tours.

At almost 94 there may be something to taking homeopathic remedies as Queen Elizabeth is extremely fit and well for her age considering all the work entailed in being the ruler and the engagements she still takes part in.

The Queen is not the only member of the Royal Family to put faith in homeopathic medicines. Prince Phillip relied on a copper bracelet for arthritis, however, he is said to be more skeptical in regards to holistic remedies than the rest of the family.

Princess Anne is said to carry around Arnica. This remedy is said to help with bruises. Something that Princess Anne knows all too well with her love of horse riding and show jumping.

The Queen gets her interest in holistic medicines from her father George VI who relied on the remedies as much as conventional medicine. The Queen Mother was also known to put faith in the remedies and she lived to 101.

Prince Charles is a firm believer in alternative medicines even having a personal alternative medicine guru. His doctor said that the Prince is fit and very rarely becomes ill. He even made a speedy recovery when he recently contracted Coronavirus.

So, if the Royal Family put so much faith in homeopathic remedies, there must be something to them.

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