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Homeopathic Medications for Dogs You Should Keep Handy

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Millions of people have found out the many benefits of taking homeopathic medicines. Now, these people are considering using homeopathic medications for dogs. Man’s best friend deserves the same attention and here we are taking a look at some of the many alternative medicines that you should keep handy.

Why alternative medicines for dogs is becoming popular

So why is alternative medicine for dogs becoming so popular? Well the fact is vets bills and medication can run up costly bills. While all pet owners want to do the best for their pet, unfortunately even the simplest of treatment at the vets can add up to a tidy sum.

homeopathic remedies for dogsPeople discovered holistic medicines can have the same effect on many common symptoms and illnesses that traditional medicines have and homeopathic remedies for dogs are a lot cheaper.

Another reason is that many of the remedies can be purchased quickly online without the need for a prescription or paying to have a consultation with a vet.

How do homeopathic medicines work for pets?

Alternative medicines for pets work in numerous different ways depending on the treatment.

Usually they come in the form of capsules that can be crushed in food, drops placed on the tongue or sprays.

Homeopathic remedies can treat numerous conditions and symptoms, with many treating more than one illness or symptom.

We found a very handy homeopathic kit for pets from the brand Helios Homeopathy, specifically aimed at dog owners.

Homeopathic Kit for Pets – A Must for Pet Owners – Buy Now

homeopathic remedies for pets

The description for the homeopathic kit for pets states :

  • The Helios pet kit contains 24 homeopathic remedies, and for those emergency situations includes our new SOeSsence¨ Flower Formula in liquid form. There is a free booklet available with every kit purchased, introducing you to homeopathy for your pets, featuring an A-Z of complaints and a materia medica section describing the traditional uses of the remedies.
  • Contains 24 remedies covering the most common ailments and first aid situations.
  • Homeopathic remedies for dogs, cats, horses or other animals are used in exactly the same way as for people by finding a remedy that matches the animals symptoms as closely as possible.
  • Injuries and acute illnesses, by their very nature, happen at unpredictable times. By having a selection of homeopathic remedies at home or in the stable yard you can be prepared for most eventualities, and in an emergency situation, can administer remedies such as Arnica or Rhus tox whilst waiting for veterinary or medical help to arrive.
  • However for serious, chronic or recurrent problems veterinary advice should always be sought to avoid unnecessary suffering at all times.

Having such a kit in the home can come in extremely handy. Most dog owners know that accidents and illness often occurs at the most inopportune times. During the night, bank holidays or weekends are all common times when your best friend suffers illness or an accident.

With this kit of homeopathic remedies for dogs and other pets you have instant access to natural treatments and remedies right at your fingertips.


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