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Have you considered homeopathic remedies for your ills? Here we are going to talk about homeopathic remedies for rhinitis and five great options you might want to consider.

What is rhinitis?

Rhinitis is generally caused by allergies and it occurs due to the exaggerated immune response to allergens, more specifically pollen.

homeopathic remedies for rhinitisIt is generally called as hay fever and as such is worse during the summer months when the pollen count is high. The symptoms of it are very similar to those of a cold. They include runny or blocked nose, streaming eyes, sore eyes, sneezing and even headache. Other symptoms may include an itchy throat and coughing.

While it is linked to hay fever, other triggers can cause rhinitis. These often include:

  • Saliva from cats;
  • Dust mites;
  • High humidity;
  • Wind;
  • Smoke from cigarettes;
  • Perfume;
  • Air pollution;
  • Hairspray and body spray.

Different types or rhinitis

There are also different types of rhinitis. These are perennial and seasonal. Seasonal as the name suggests occurs during specific seasons, such as summer. Perennial on the other hand applies to allergies, often more than one that people suffer from throughout the year regardless of the season.

Choices of homeopathic remedies for rhinitis

There are conventional choices of medications for the symptoms of rhinitis with many of them being reliant on steroids or antihistamines.

However, there are also choices of homeopathic medicine for rhinitis and these are more natural.

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Many people prefer alternative medicine to the more conventional as they have little or no side effects being made from plant matter.

The body generally accepts holistic medicine more easily as it doesn’t upset the body’s immune system as more conventional medicine can.

Some of the most well-known homeopathic remedies for rhinitis include Allium Cepa, Sabadilla, Kali Bichromium and Natrum Bichromium.

Arsenicum Album is a great choice of homeopathic medicine for rhinitis if you are suffering from watery thin discharge. It is a good choice for hay fever more so during spring.

Allium Cepa is also good to start taking to counteract symptoms of rhinitis at the start of spring. It is excellent for symptoms including sneezing, tickling in the nose and a runny nose.

Kali Bich can be a good choice as homeopathic remedies for rhinitis in association with nasal obstruction or with a feeling of fullness in the nose.

Other things to do to alleviate rhinitis

Along with considering homeopathy either alongside or as an alternative to holistic medicine you might want to consider not hanging clothes outside during the summer months.

Avoiding spending a lot of time outdoors during the spring and summer months, more so when the weather it hot and humid. If possible cover your nose using a scarf.

Keep away from any allergen triggers, such as pets or perfume.

Always make sure you wash bedding and clothes in hot water.

So, there you have it, you now know some great choices of homeopathic remedies for rhinitis.





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