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Homeopathic Remedies: All You Need to Know About

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Here we are going to discuss all you need to know about homeopathic remedies. It is a term for any natural remedy and taken as an alternative to prescribed drugs, or alongside them. Homeopathic medicine is generally comprised of minerals or plants.

Homeopathy is based on the principle of likes cure likes according to homeopathyusa.org. This is something that dates back as far as 460 B.C. Homeopathy was introduced by Dr. Hahnemann from Germany. He began to test holisitic remedies on himself, which he called “provings”. He also used what he called “provers”, which were healthy volunteers, to test his alternative medicine.

About homeopathic remedies

homeopathic remediesHolistic medicine falls under two categories, acute and chronic. Acute treatment is recommended for an illness of recent onset. This includes such as a cold. Chronic is related to an illness or disease that keeps reoccurring or which is long standing. This could be such as asthma or arthritis.

When it comes to alternative medicine less is more. This means the lower the dose the bigger the effect. Alternative medicines are highly diluted.

The medications come from plants, minerals or even animals. They are offered in the form of gels, tablets, creams, drops, ointments and more.

The treatment is often tailored to the individual and the symptoms. However many people purchase natural remedies themselves and there is a wide range of options available.

Homeopathy has always been popular in the United States. It is estimated that about 5 million adults use holistic medicine. Many people self-prescribe it for coughs, colds and flu.

3 common alternative medicines

Here are some of the most popular common alternative medicines and what it treats.




Aconite is said to be good for shock. This could be general shock, for instance following an accident or death of a loved one. It is also good to take for shock that comes about following a violent incident.

It is good for feelings of intense fear or terror, restlessness and any ailment that comes about due to exposure to the cold or a dry wind.






Chamomile is said to be good for infants who are teething. It is also said to be good for giving to children who always want to be carried around and who suffer from twitching’s or convulsions when they are teething.

This treatment can calm pain associated with teething in babies and in adults suffering from issues with gums. It also helps with irritability and colic.

Rhus toxicodendron


CBD Pure

Rhus toxicodendron is often used for joint pain such as arthritis. Patients recommend using it when there is pain associated with damp weather, or stiffness in joints.

It can also be used to treat irritability and restlessness, more so at night when in pain and trying to sleep. It can also help when the pain comes from you being cold.

The medication can also help with symptoms of asthma and skin eruptions.

Additional remedies

Cuprum – leg cramps

Arnica – trauma and bruising

Cantharis – cystitis

Aconite – croup

Homeopathic practitioners

Around 1,000 doctors in the United Kingdom practise homeopathy with around half of them belonging to the Faculty of Homeopathy.

This can be weighed up against the 10,000 in Europe who practise homeopathy.

Many of them have only received basic training who prescribe homeopathic remedies alongside more traditional medicine. It is fast becoming more popular than traditional western medicine to remedy small ills.

There is thought to be around another 1500 homeopaths in the UK who do not come from a conventional healthcare background.

Alternative medicine has been part of the NHS since it began, there are five homeopathic hospitals, with London and Glasgow having the biggest and inpatient units.

Of course, homeopathic remedies may be purchased over the counter and online and this is one of the quickest ways of obtaining remedies for simple ailments. If you do have a serious illness we do suggest you take the advice of your medical practioner before going ahead with any alternative medication or therapy.



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