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Homeopathic Treatment for Dogs That Could Save Your Pets Life

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You could actually save the life of your pooch by using homeopathic treatment for dogs. Imagine the worst-case scenario for one second. Your beloved dog has been poisoned and is seriously ill. You can take him or her to the vets but by the time you get there, it could be too late. However, if you have holistic medication to hand it could be enough to keep your pet alive until you get to the vet.

Here we are going to look into acute homeopathy treatment for dogs. This includes holistic medication for poisonings, contagions and trauma. The homeopathic remedies we are going to talk about here also cover such as seizures, hot spots and chronic disease.We strongly suggest you invest in a good book about homeopathic treatment for dogs and you can find a link to a good one below.

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How to give your dog an acute homeopathic remedy

If your dog is seriously ill, he or she is not going to be capable of eating or drinking on his or her own accord. In this case, you can just open the mouth of your pet and pop the dry pellets directly into their mouth and massage the throat region.

Another way is to drop pellets into some water and shake them up, or even crush them and put them into the water. You can then place drops onto the mouth of your dog or place it close to the nostrils. The goal here is to get the volume of the medication in good contact with the mucous membranes.

homeopathic treatment for dogsHomeopathic treatment for dogs remedies

The following are some of the best homeopathic remedies for dogs to deal with a crisis or acute symptoms.

Holistic remedies are inexpensive so you can purchase a few of them and store them at home. You might never need them, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should think of homeopathic remedies as like a first aid kit. Pick some of the most popular out and make up an emergency remedy kit. Don’t forget, these are not specific to dogs, you can use them on any pet and even yourself.

It is better to have a kit ready and never have to use it than not to have anything and your best friend suffers an accident.

Now let us move on to look at some of the most popular homeopathic treatment for dogs.

Aconitum napellus – Monkshood

Aconitum napellus also known as Monkshood is one herbal medication for dogs that should be in the first aid kit of every pet owner.

It is a great remedy for any pet suffering from fear, stress, who is having convulsions, suffering pneumonia or who has severe colic.

This is a great remedy for dogs who have suffered accidents and who are stressed and it is also good for dogs who are worried and stressed due to a dramatic change in the weather, such as the onset of thunder storms.

Agaricus – Amanita muscaria

This is an essential part of any first aid kit for dogs as it can be a life saver if your pet has suffered due to poisoning.

It is also handy to have in the home for dealing with symptoms associated with chilblains and frostbite. It helps alleviated the symptoms of gangrene, such as on the ears, feet or tail of the dog if it has been damaged by freezing.

Arnica montana – Leopard’s Bane

Arnica montana is another great holistic remedy to keep at home. It is great for dealing with swellings, particularly from trauma. It can help with bleeding and bruising after an accident or injury and it also helps with pain.

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Eupatorium perfoliatum – Boneset

This is a great remedy for pets suffering from the onset of influenza type symptoms. Eupatorium is good for illnesses where there is a loose cough and wheeziness with catarrh.

It is also a good choice for musculoskeletal pain, particularly in the bones. It helps when bones are painful when walking, sitting and lying down.

Hypericum – St. John’s Wort

Hypericum is sold as St. John’s Wort and if you are only purchasing one homeopathic treatment for dogs this should be it.

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CBD Pure

This is an excellent holistic remedy when there has been trauma to enervated tissues, including crush injuries to toes, broken nails, spinal injuries and injuries to the teeth or gums.

It is also good for deep puncture wounds, such as from nails, cat bites or after receiving an injection.

Ipecacuanha – Ipecac

Ipecacuanha has two very distinctive indications. It is superb for vomiting and nausea, more so if the dog continually wants to vomit.

It is also good for profuse salivation accompanied by vomiting. Secondly it is a good remedy for bleeding, particularly if the dog is bleeding bright red blood from all orifices and has diarrhoea.

Rhus toxicodendron – Poison oak

Rhus toxicodendron is a good choice of homeopathic treatment for dogs who are suffering from skin conditions.

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It is great for treating pets who have suffered from sprains or strains in the joints and lameness that is worse when resting and better on movement.


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