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Homeopathy medicines for covid-19: practitioners seek Govt nod

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Homeopathy practitioners want government nod to allow them for the treatment of Covid-19 patients by homeopathy medicines to save the country from the present epidemic. Practitioners claimed that homeopathy remedies can prevent the infection from spreading inside the body.

Homeopathy treatment could offer a solution to the Novel Coronavirus infection, which hits a person’s upper respiratory system, leading to serious illness or even death, said Dr Arun Sahabadi.

homeoapthy medicinesThere are a large number of natural medicines available in homeopathy for the successful and authenticate treatment of bronchitis, cough, cold, flu, including others depending upon the symptoms and disorders of the patients, he said.

“Homeopathy can be extremely effective in treating chronic and long-term health problems, it also found that constitutional medicines not only cure the disease, but also strengthen the body’s immune system and thus prevent future occurrences of the disease.”

“The treatment is also cost-effective,” he added. I am assured, that holisitc medicines may prove a boon in the fight against Coronavirus, said Dr Arun. “I am having a long experience in treating patients of a different ailment with homeopathy remedies.

As per my experiences and according to the recent research and study on the Sars-Cov-2 virus, including the symptoms found in the infected patients, I can assure that homeopathy medicines is effective in the prevention of virus infections,” said Dr Vandna another practitioner.

There is no need to stop other ongoing treatments as well as medicines during taking the alternative remedies, it can also be used along with Allopathic medicines.

“The patients on ventilators can also be treated with homeopathic medicines. This medicine (combination) can be used by applying (rubbing) on his palm and feet on the interval of every 2 hours, which can give a good result in the next 12 hours,” added Dr Vandna.

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