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Jet Candy: Homeopathic Jet Lag Remedy Launched

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A new homeopathic jet lag remedy via a travel kit called Jet Candy has been announced. The kit is said to be essential for flights following COVID-19. It is 100% natural and has been specifically developed to help people suffering from jet lag.

It is said the homeopathic remedy helps with dehydration, tiredness, disorientation and other symptoms. It leaves the flyer with a clear head and feeling refreshed.

Rosalind Milani Gallieni is behind Jet Candy, she herself being a very frequent flyer. Gallieni said the antidote is comprised of five natural ingredients, which include arnica, cocculus, bellis perennis, gelsemium.

Jet Candy is available in different packs

There is a choice of Jet Candy depending on the flight you are taking. The Mini one is enough to last for four international flights and costs £5.50. The Executive pack is enough for ten international flights and costs £14.99.

Jet Candy

Gallieni said the inspiration for the homeopathic jet lag remedy came from an interest in homeopathy. After looking for a natural solution for jet lag online she met up with a renowned homeopath in London and the bespoke remedy was created.

New Jet Candy Travel & Safety Kit Launched

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak there is now a Jet Candy Travel and Safety Kit available. This includes everything from the general packs plus a facemask, white gloves, HandSan cream and gel and bamboo toothbrush.

Bamboo Toothbrushes | Family 4 Pack | Eco-Friendly & Natural for Home and Travel

The new kit costs £49.99 but of course, you could purchase the cheaper mini pack to take advantage of the jet lag remedy and purchase your own bamboo toothbrush using the link above, your own hand sanitiser and facemask.

Jet Candy Travel Kit

Of course, you do have more to consider than jet lag in these times and you should ask yourself whether you have to travel. One thing that the lockdown has shown us is that we often travel when we don’t really need to.

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