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Sure, you can take the typical headache medication available, such as aspirin, but it often comes with side effects and there are solutions that are more natural. Here we are going to look at natural remedies for headaches that can act fast to get rid of pain and suffering.

home remedies for headachesThere are many different types of headaches and many causes bring them on. Whatever headache it is a good indication that there is something missing in your body. It could be as simple as you are dehydrated or you need to eat something. It could be that you are tense and need to relax. Alcohol, drugs, hormones, even constipation, can cause headaches.

Here we are going to look into at home remedies for migraine and any other type of headache you might be suffering from.


Magnesium is a superb natural remedy for headache and it is far safer than turning to aspirin.

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This is one of the most popular, not to mention successful, of all home remedies for headaches. It is a superb remedy for migraine sufferers as people suffering generally have low levels of magnesium.

This includes people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, people taking diuretics and those who have issues with alcohol.

Magnesium is good for blocking pain-transmitting chemicals in the brain along with helping to improve platelet function helping the body to react to injuries better and stop bleeding.

By taking between 200-600mg of magnesium each day it can help to bring down the frequency of headaches and it is safe to take by pregnant women.

Peppermint and Lavender essential oil

Peppermint and lavender essential oil is one of the best natural remedies for headaches thanks to it having numbing and calming effects.

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Peppermint oil is known to have cooling effects on the skin that last a long time and it stimulates an increase in the flow of the blood on the skin on the forehead. It also helps to soothe muscle contractions and it can reduce headache sensitivity.

Lavender oil is well-known for its abilities to stabilize the mood and acts as a sedative. When combined with peppermint oil it makes for one of the great at home remedies for migraine and is a natural remedy for headache.

The remedy is very easy to take as you can simply place a few drops onto the hands and rub it onto the forehead, the back of the neck and the temples.

You might also want to add in some coconut oil, almond or grapeseed if you find the peppermint chills you too much. The coconut oil also helps to balance hormonal issues, decreases wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.

B-Complex vitamins

B-Complex vitamins are another great at home remedies for migraine and very popular among natural remedies for headaches of any type.

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Vitamin B-Complex help to formulate neurotransmitters including serotonin and people who suffer migraines are generally deficient in serotonin. A lack of it not only causes headaches but also causes energy slumps and fogs up the brain.

B-Complex vitamins include such as thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12 and more. They are soluble vitamins so there is no chance of overdosing on them. Taking these can help to stop headaches and migraine along with improving the brain cells, the circulation, cardiovascular health and the immune system.

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In studies vitamin B-Complex treatment groups came out ahead of a control group when reporting lower levels of personal strain along with reduction in depression, confusion and headaches.

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