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Sore throats are one ailment that is most common around the world. You can be struck down with one during the winter when you catch a cold and in the summer when the weather is hot and dry. Here we look at some of the many natural remedies for sore throats that are an alternative to traditional medications.

All of the remedies below are great at home remedies for sore throat that work quickly to ease the majority of symptoms and have you feeling better fast. They are all easy to get hold of and some of the ingredients you might even have at home.

Humidifier or diffuser

First on our list is a device that can help ease dry sore throats and make breathing so much easier during both winter and summer.

at home remedies for sore throats

In the summer, the air can get dry and this can cause a sore throat. If you use a humidifier or diffuser in your home, it will put a fine mist of water into

the air making it easier to breathe.

A humidifier or diffuser is one of the best ways to get year round treatment if you suffer from a sore throat due to allergies or colds. Cool mist humidifier are the best type of treatment of sore throats and one of the best is the TBI Pro 6 litre on Amazon.

It is easy to use as it is top-fill and holds 6 liters of water so you will not be filling it up continually. It should be enough to last around two days. It is our choice as it has 360-degree humidification, adjustable mist settings and helps to reduce germs, bacteria and diseases in the home. The medical stone filter provides a healthy mist without any impurities.

This is a great choice of natural remedies for sore throats in children of any age. The cool mist eases the symptoms of not only the throat but also nasal and sinus issues associated with allergies.

Gargle with Himalayan Salt

natural remedies for sore throatsYou might not think it but Himalayan salt is among our choices of sore throat natural remedies.

We are not talking about the table salt you use on your dinner; we are talking about pure Himalayan salt. This type of salt does not have any impurities and nothing is added to it.

We highly recommend Natierra Himalayan Fine Pink Salt or Sherpa Pink Gourment Himalayan Salt.

Himalayan salt has long been known for its healing properties. It is a natural antiseptic and people use it to gargle with along with breathe in through what is known as a Himalayan Salt Pipe. This too can help ease sore throats. The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Inhaler on Amazon is our choice as this is a ceramic drug-free solution that comes with salt included and a free nasal inhaler for on-the-go.

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is another popular solution for at home remedies for sore throat as it acts as an anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic.

Drinking Green Tea can quickly help to bring relief to sore throats by fighting off infections. Tea acts as a natural lubricant, which means it is good if you are hoarse or you find it difficult to speak.

Another option of tea is peppermint tea. This is good for sore throats as it can help to numb the throat, which eases the pain. Of course, you can always go for chamomile tea if your throat is painful and you want something to try to help you to sleep.

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