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Patients with MS Turn to Alternative Medicine

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A survey of 1,000 people suffering from multiple sclerosis has turned to using alternative medicine in one form or another. Oregon Health & Science University undertook the survey and it revealed that patients were nine times more likely to consider alternative therapies.

The survey also revealed that patients even considered alternative medicine even though there is no hard evidence of its effectiveness.

The alternative remedies considered varied from herbs, minerals and yoga to CBD oil and cannabis.

Key findings of the study

Elizabeth Silbermann, M.D, the lead author said “The use of these alternative supplements has remained high even though we have all these other treatment modalities.”

Some of the key findings of the study include:

  • 81% used dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs, up from 65% in the same survey conducted almost two decades ago.
  • 39% used mind-body therapies such as mindfulness and massage, up from 14% in the earlier survey.
  • 81% used exercise to help manage their symptoms – an increase from 67% in 2001.
  • 30% reported that they turned to using cannabis in one form or another, including using CBD products.

Alternative medicine dates back many hundreds of years but scientific research into it has been very limited. However, Silbermann said it is good that people are now more open to using holistic and natural medicines and talking it over with their neurologist so that they can manage any interactions with more conventional medicines.

She went on to say more research into the use of alternative medicines is required so allow neurologists to establish what does and does not help with multiple sclerosis.

Evidence that CBD oil can reduce MS symptoms

There has been some evidence that does suggest CBD oil can help to ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

CBD oil can be taken in different forms making it easy to take. However, more research is needed into the effectiveness of sprays, pills and edibles and the products are not sold under the belief that they are a cure or prevention of the illness or any other illness.

On the other hand many people have reported using the products to help with a wide variety of symptoms and illness, including pain and discomfort, along with mobility.

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