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Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Reiki – 7 Chakra Set

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Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Reiki – 7 Chakra Set

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Chakra Healing Crystals Kit,Irregular Energy Stones for Yoga Meditation,Spiritual,Reiki Healing Chakras Balancing,Home Decoration


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Chakra Healing Crystals Kit,Irregular Energy Stones for Yoga Meditation,Spiritual,Reiki Healing Balancing,Home Decoration
The human body has seven main energy centers called chakras. They are located along the spine, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. Chakras are described as “whirling disks of light”, and each chakra radiates a specific tone and energy.

First (Root ), Second (Sacral ), 3rd (Solar Plexus ), Fourth (Heart ), Fifth (Throat ), Sixth (Third Eye ), and Seventh (Crown ).

The stones are used to balance the chakras on a daily basis and to enhance chakra healing.Excellent for chakra cleansing, crystal grids, crystals and gemstones collection,reiki stones healing.

chakra crystals

  • SEVEN CHAKRA GEMS:The combination contains seven natural gemstones (aventurine, red jasper, tiger’s eye , amethyst, obsidian, lapis lazuli, crystal), high quality smooth and ease, which have powerful energy, suitable for enhancing meditation, and with the function of help the physical and mental healing.
  • THE STATUE OF YOGA GOD:In the combination, we provide you with the statue of shiva, the ancestor of yoga, if you take it for meditation, practice then may be you will receive divine blessing and transcendental energy.
  • BEST FOR TREATMENT:The seven chakra balances are integrated with the yoga gods and can be used in many different healing methods.It can use to heal the whole body or aura, and in specific areas of the body or on specific chakras, which could eliminate all bad energies, evil forces, and negative emotions then you could reach the state of awakening and enlightenment.
  • BEST FOR HEALTH:This set of meditations will help you gain confidence, wealth, and lasting relationships, which could relieve stress, awakens the chakras while healing, and achieve many mystical and surprising effects .
  • PIEASE UNDERSTAND SUCH SITUATION: since gemstones are 100% natural and pure, so they may contain natural pits, cracks or inclusions.The change of color, hue, shadow, etc. should be predictable, all of this should be regarded as personality and aesthetic feeling, please tolerate these manifestations, please believe that encounter is the best(Ships from U.S.)

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