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Bach Rescue Remedies are well known for having calming effects on humans. However, did you know you can get Rescue Remedy for Dogs and it works just as well to calm and soothe your pet?

Dogs can suffer from anxiety the same as us humans. If you have ever suffered from it yourself you will know how bad the symptoms can become, and how it makes you feel. Well, dogs can get feel the same way. Thankfully, just as there are homeopathic remedies for humans there are natural remedies for dog anxiety too.

Rescue Remedy for dogs is one such solution and is fast becoming a very popular option chosen by owners who are looking for a more natural medication for their pet.homeopathic remedies for dogs

What is Rescue Remedy for Dogs?

It is a combination of anxiety supplements for dogs in one bottle that is easy to give to your pet when they are stressed.

Of course, while we are talking about dogs here and the natural remedies for dog anxiety in particular, rescue remedy for pets is for any type of pet.


This particular treatment is made up of a blend of 5 original flower remedies and it is an alcohol free formula made up of ingredients specifically chosen for being able to ease mental tension. These are:

Each of the above is a powerful herbal medication that can help with the symptoms of anxiety in dogs and when mixed together it becomes an extremely powerful holistic medication


How to give your pet rescue remedy for dogs

It is extremely easy to give your pet this remedy as it comes mixed in a bottle with a dropper.

You do not stress your pet out even more trying to get it to eat medicine. You simply drop 4 drops into the mouth of your pet when needed.rescue remedy for dogs

There is no need to weigh your dog to find out the dosage, as it doesn’t depend on weight. Instead, it depends more on how stressed or anxious your dog is. Therefore, you will soon find out the dosage that works best for your pet and you cannot overdose.

This is one of the great natural remedies for dog anxiety that does not sedate your dog. It simply reduces the stress and tensions felt by your dog, which can be brought on by numerous scenarios.

What causes stress in dogs?

There might be many reasons why you have to turn to anxiety supplements for dogs.

Some of the most common reasons your dog could suffer from anxiety and stress include visiting the groomers or vets, loud noises such as fireworks, being separated from owners, travelling, moved home.

In any of the cases above, your dog could become agitated and worried.

Common symptoms include your pet laying down or sleeping a lot, being off its food or not eating, whining, barking, cowering away or shivering or shaking.

Any of the above symptoms may indicate that your dog is stressed; however, the symptoms could also be an indication of other illness. While Rescue Remedy for Dogs can help to calm down an anxious or stressed dog, you might also want to get the advice of a vet to rule out other illnesses.


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