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Research on to find homeopathic cure of Covid

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Homeopathic doctors can help Covid-19 patients suffering from similar symptoms with the help of Homoeopathic Digital Library – Repertory, successfully and free from the symptoms of this dreaded disease. This was said by Dr Nisanth Nambison, a renowned research doctor of the country posted in the research department of the Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital.

He was speaking as a keynote speaker at the International Webinar on ‘Covid-like illness and advanced tools and strategy for effective prescribing’, organized by the Govt Homoeopathic Medical college and hospital, Bhopal on Sunday.

In this International Webinar, apart from Dr Nisanth Nambison, Dr Roger Van Zandvoort from the Netherlands (currently in Thailand) and Dr. Edward van Grinsven (who is currently in France) also put their opinion on the role of homeopathic repertory in the disease like Covid through this webinar. While Dr Roger Van Zandvoort emphasized on closely studying patient symptoms for effective use of the digital library of homeopathy.

Dr Edward van Grinsven shared the latest techniques for studying patient symptoms on mobile and computer by which presently, homeopathic doctors from other countries of the world are seeing good effects of homeopathy in patients suffering from Covid. Dr Nisant Nambison explained many ways to use technology effectively in homeopathic telemedicine.

The principal of Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Dr SK Mishra inaugurating this webinar, said that in this global epidemic, corona has presented many challenges in front of humanity, we have to accept them. Along with this, he gave information about the effectiveness and usefulness of homeopathy as well as in the treatment of corona patients admitted in Government Homoeopathic hospital, Bhopal.

During the corona infection, the Government medical college and hospital did a commendable job of brainstorming on treatment by the homeopathic doctors in this epidemic through this International online communication. Certainly, this webinar will help all homeopathic doctors to better treat corona infection and to choose medicines.

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