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What are Homeopathic Remedies? Lets Find Out about Holistic Medicine

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Have you been asking the question, what are homeopathic remedies? Well this is something that we are talking a look at right here. We are going to look into all aspects of holistic medication and first we are going to try to describe in simple terms just what it is.

What is it?

Homeopathy is a term for treatment that is natural, hence the term holistic medicine. The contents are made from plant matter and the treatment is highly diluted and generally drunk or swallowed in the form of tablets. Generally, more than one holistic remedy can be mixed together.

There are has been some debate on whether homeopathy works. However, many millions of people disagree with the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report and claim that it does work.

homeopathic remediesHomeopathic remedies are also called holistic medicine or complementary medicine. It is based upon ideas from Samuel Hahnemann who in the 1790s came across the realization that plants and flowers could be used as medication. The plant extract could be taken and mixed with other extractions to combine and make a remedy for a particular illness, disease or symptom.

The treatment is based around like for like. This means that if a substance causes symptoms it can also be used to do away with the same symptoms.

It is based on the fact that less is more. This means homeopathic medicine is highly diluted and shaken, which is called succession. Those who practice homeopathy believe that the more remedies are diluted the higher the potency and the better it can treat.

This form of alternative medicine can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. For instance, you can use holistic remedies to treat a sore throat or stop bleeding.

What homeopathic remedies can treat

As mentioned above natural remedies can be used to treat numerous things.

Here are some of the most common illnesses, diseases and symptoms:

  • Asthma or respiratory illnesses such as COPD;
  • Ear and throat infections;
  • Hay fever and associated symptoms;
  • Mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and stress;
  • Food and pet allergies;
  • Allergic skin conditions such as psoriasis or dermatitis;
  • Arthritis and pain associated with the disease;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Bleeding;
  • pain

Is holistic medicine safe to use?

In the UK, there is no regulation for homeopathic practitioners and in fact, anyone can make up remedies and use them or purchase ready-made medicines.

Being based on plants and being highly diluted the plants are thought to be safe to use and are not going to interfere with any medication prescribed by a doctor.

However, if you do suffer from a serious illness or disease it is recommended that you speak with a health care professional before using them. At the same time you should never stop taking medication that has been prescribed.

Types of remedies you might want to consider

Here we are going to look into the many different types of holistic medicine. The remedies are sold online through many reputable brands.

Bach Original Flower Remedies

Dr Bach Flower Remedies are one of the most popular types of holistic remedies out there. There are 38 original remedies and more products in the range.

bach flower remedies homeopathic remedies

Dr. Edward Bach developed the range. Bach thought that disease was an end product and was caused by physical manifestation of fear, worry and unhappiness. He turned to nature and flowers in particular. Over the years, he found flowers and plants that could be turned into natural medicines bach flower remedies holistic medicinethat remove negative emotional issues. Remove these are disease and symptoms clear up.

The holistic remedies are made using 100% spring water, which has been infused with flowers. They medications are offered in individual bottles and the person adds two drops of a remedy to a 30ml mixing bottle filled with spring water. Up to 7 remedies can be added into the same bottle.

From the mixture, 4 drops are taken 4 times a day until the symptoms have gone.

Herbal medications

There are many other different types of holistic medicine available in tablet form.

You can also grow your own flowers and herbs and turn them into medication by steeping the leaves in water and drinking them as a tea. However, the safest and purest way to obtain homeopathic remedies is to purchase them ready made.

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